Wednesday, December 10, 2008

McCainiac is now IKEonic

McCainiac is now IKEonic, the home for REAL Eisenhower Republicans, who like Ike but did not and will never vote for Obama or any other liberal Democrat selling centrist snake oil to gullible independents and RINOs.

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This will be my last post at McCainiac and all archived posts can be found at IKEonic, where's it always safe and sound just like in good ole 1955.

Come sit a spell with me at IKEonic as we explore what values are worth retaining and fighting for from the era of Eisenhower and where we have and can continue to "progress" towards perfecting Ike's blueprint for republican self governance.

I genuinely like Ike, the "forgotten conservative", and I think if more Americans were in touch with Eisenhower's real views on republican self governance and what it really means to be American citizens, this country would be a whole lot better off for it.

In order for us to get "back to the future", first we're going to have to learn all we can from the wisdom of long ago. I hope you'll join me.


Thank you, Illinois!

Illinois is now on its way to having FOUR recent governors in forty years go to prison.

The people of LoUiSiAna thank you. It's about time the world knew we aren't the most corrupt state in the Union. Illinois is definitely now the BCS champions of crooked, corrupt governors.

Everyone now knows about Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich.

How about the other Illinois governors who went to the pokey?

George Ryan, Republican

Blagojevich succeeded George Ryan, a Republican, who was also prosecuted and convicted by Patrick Fitzgerald (the same prosecutor in the Blagojevich case and the Scooter Libby trial). Ryan is currently serving his sentence in an Indiana prison.

Daniel Walker, Democrat

Ryan's departure from the Governor's Mansion ended 25 years of Republican governors in Illinois. That reign began in 1977 when James R. Thompson was sworn in after successfully prosecuting Otto Kerner (read more about him below) in 1973 and 1974. The outgoing Democratic governor, Daniel Walker, was convicted in 1987 for misdeeds related to the S&L crisis in the 1980s and served 18 months in a Minnesota prison. Walker's crimes were committed many years after he left the Governor's Mansion but still brought shame upon his state. Thompson was a federal prosecutor who also convincted many of Mayor Daley's top aides and even prosecuted some prominent Republicans. Thompson served as Illinois' governor from 1977 to 1991 and was the longest serving Governor of the state.

Otto Kerner, Democrat
Governor Kerner resigned in 1968 to become a federal appeals judge. In 1969, he was accused of accepting bribes as Governor to give concessions to a Chicago area racetrack. In 1973, he was prosecuted by fellow Democrat (and aforementioned convict) James Thompson and was convicted. He resigned from the federal bench in 1974, was released from prison early due to terminal cancer and died in 1976.

One thing Louisiana and Illinois do have in common... most of the corrupt politicians going to the pokey are DEMOCRATS.

One reason why Eisenhower swept into office in 1953 was because the outgoing Truman administration had been rocked not just by the war in Korea but also by a corruption scandal in 1950. Truman himself was embarassed by allegations that his wife and other senior administration officials had received fur coats and deep freezers for favors. How serious all this corruption and influence peddling in the Truman administration was isn't really relevant... the public perception was influenced and Eisenhower was able to capitalize by running as a reformer, a reformer who was the General who led the D-Day invasion force.

Today's Republicans would do well to learn from history and run as reformers, first and foremost. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald (who probably has his own aspirations of running for Governor of Illinois) just said that old Abe Lincoln would be "spinning in his grave" if he saw what Blagojevich had done.

One has to wonder if Fitzgerald isn't just prosecuting Blagojevich but setting the stage for his own run for higher office as a Republican. Fitzgerald's brother, Peter, served one term as a Republican US Senator from Illinois and was succeeded by none other than Barack Obama, the very Senate seat that is now vacant and the same seat that Blagojevich is accused of trying to sell.

So it wouldn't be too big of a leap to think that Patrick Fitzgerald is after either the Governor's Mansion or the US Senate. He wouldn't be the first Illinois Republican to prosecute and convict Democrats and Republicans as a federal prosecutor and subsequently use it as a launching pad to higher office.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oregon foreclosure and mortgage deliquency rates

From Ryan Frank at the Oregonian and the Mortgage Bankers Association... here's national and Oregon level data from 1979 forward... current data is on the left so you have to read right to left for the proper historical prospective...


I just parked and I am thinking of moving to this new address.

Quite simply, I spend a lot more time talking about Eisenhower's legacy than I do about McCain's. I think McCain still has a big role to play in the Senate and with the new Obama administration. But clearly, McCain had his run at the Presidency and won't be running again.

So, I, along with other Eisenhower republicans (little "r", not big "R") lie in wait for Republicans to find that next champion of true republican, conservative values. Someone who can sell themselves to the nation and isn't shy about talking about what they believe in and persuading others to join with them.

McCain was clearly not that man, though like Ike, I believe he is a quite, humble man who needs someone else who can articulate and sell their beliefs. The message and the values are right and timeless, now it's just a matter of finding that gifted speaker.

I still believe, until proven otherwise, that Louisiana's Bobby Jindal can be that leader. We shall see. Until then, my blog will probably be living safe and sound in good ole 1955.

Prop 8: Do blacks hate gays?

Whoopi Goldberg made headlines when she joined the protest against the Mormon church for their opposition to California's Proposition 8. Their knee-jerk slogan was "Make love, not H8". Cute.

But perhaps Whoopi would do better to address her outrage at African Americans. If she is so certain that Mormons hate gays, perhaps she look at the way black people voted and things they had to say about Prop 8.

From the LA Times:
"I was born black. I can't change that," said Culver City resident Bilson Davis, 57, who voted for Proposition 8. "They weren't born gay; they chose it," he added, reflecting a commonly held belief that many researchers dispute.

Although many of the state's black political leaders spoke out against Proposition 8, an exit poll of California voters showed that black voters favored the measure by a ratio of more than 2 to 1. Not only was the black vote weighted heavily in favor of Proposition 8, but black turnout -- spurred by Barack Obama's historic campaign for president -- was unusually large, with African Americans making up roughly 10% of the state electorate.

Why don't liberals go after blacks who defend traditional marriage? I'll bet Whoopi wouldn't dare call out other blacks for refusing to defeat Prop. 8.

Personally, if gay people want to have the same rights as married people, I'm fine with that. State sanctioned marriage or civil marriage as it is known by Catholics is not the same as the type of covenant marriage sanctioned by the church. I would have a serious problem if the state forced the Catholic Church to sanction and officiate the marriages of homosexuals in the church.

But civil marriage has always been and should always be a state issue, not a federal one. The federal courts have already made birth control and abortion federally protected "rights" within the penumbra of the Constitution. Don't be surprised if Obama packs the court with justices who eventually see fit to recognize marriage between (man/man, woman/woman, man/goat, man/woman,woman,woman, man/boy, man/toddler) should be legal. The more the federal courts "reinvent" the Constitution as it goes, the less power states like California have to self-determine these moral issues for themselves.

Corrupt Chicago machine politics

Huge news this morning... Illinois' Democrat governor has been arrested on federal corruption charges.

Illinois Republicans have just been given a huge gift. Let's see if they capitalize and use this news as an impetus to reclaim the Land of Lincoln.

Blagojevich was taken into custody hours after the Tribune reported that the investigation into allegations of pay-to-play politics within his administration had been expanded to include his pending choice of a Senate replacement for Obama. The Democratic governor has said he expects to make a decision on the state's next senator in weeks.

Blagojevich, of course, is a Chicago machine DEMOCRAT with ties to Tony Rezko.

Read more at the now bankrupt Chicago Tribune

I just heard Matt Lauer say that Blagojevich even threatened the Tribune that he would withhold aid from the state if editors didn't pull the plug on negative opinion pieces and stories about the governor.

Folks, I'm from Louisiana and I've seen crooked politicians. Edwin Edwards, former Democratic governor, currently sits in federal prison. William Jefferson, soon to be former Democratic Congressman, is all but convicted of taking bribes for favors and keeping $100k of bribe money in his freezer.

But this Illinois governor, again a DEMOCRAT, may just take the cake. Corruption is rampant in both political parties, but if Republicans can't make hay over this in Illinois and take back the governor's mansion, they aren't worthy of living in the Land of Lincoln.

A Clintonian moment

That dialogue I posted the other day from the Sopranos was taken out of context. Upon further review, I rediscovered that it included a discussion of B.J. "Slick Willie" Clinton's affair with "that woman, Miss Lewinsky". A proud moment in our nation's history.

From the 1999 episode "Nobody Knows Anything", here's the full conversation:

Meadow Soprano: This country's light-years behind the rest of the world. Most civilized countries have legalized prostitution.
Tony Soprano: Don't you got somewhere to be?
Meadow Soprano: I mean, it's a joke. Look what they're putting the President through.
Carmela Soprano: He deserved what he got.
Anthony 'A.J.' Soprano, Jr.: He got Monica Kaczynski and the broad with the long nose.
Meadow Soprano: I just don't think sex should be a punishable offense.
Tony Soprano: You know honey, that's where I agree with you. I don't think sex should be a punishable offense either. But I do think talking about sex at the breakfast table is a punishable offense. So no more sex talk, OK?
Meadow Soprano: It's the 90s. Parents are supposed to discuss sex with their children.
Tony Soprano: Yeah, but that's where you're wrong. You see out there it's the 1990s but in this house it's 1954.
[points to the window]
Tony Soprano: 1990s.
[points to the floor]
Tony Soprano: 1954. So now and forever, I don't want to hear any more sex talk, OK?

Here a video clip but you'll have to fast forward to the 2:06 mark to see the scene above in its entirety... though I recommend watching the whole clip.

I sure do miss The Sopranos. I'm sure HBO does too because they had a lot more subscribers back then!